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   Limited Edition Digital Photo Images from Original Photographs by:

Bill Hart


My original pieces of artwork are more than just the photographic image that they were created from. These images were either originally recorded on 35mm film or shot with a digital camera and then digitally reproduced. They are representative of Bill's traveling experiences throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the United States.


Rather than using the darkroom, he has chosen to manipulate, with the assistance of a computer, each of his own original photographs to create these remarkable images. The finished piece is printed on specially selected paper that has been carefully chosen to compliment and enhance the artwork.


Born and raised in the USA, Bill earned a Bachelors degree from Boise State University, in Psychology where he also studied photography and later taught stained glass classes. Bill has been a professional artist, craftsman and photographer since 1973, having owned The Stained Glass Co & Potter's Center in Boise. Currently Bill resides in Stanley, Idaho USA.

 "Photography is my way of capturing the essence of my life experiences and allows me to keep revisiting people and places forever in my mind. By manipulating the photographs I am able to alter the experience, so that I can bring it to you in another artistic way."

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Photo Prices (FOB Stanley, Idaho):

Mat Size/Image Size/ Price

5x7 mat 4x6 image $15
8x10 mat 5x7 image $30
11x14 mat 4x10 image $50
11x14 mat 8x10 image $50
16x20 mat 8x10 image $75

18x24 mat 13x19 image $95

Note Card

5x7 $5

4x6 frame $25
5x7 frame $25
8x10 frame $55
11x14 frame $95
16x20 frame $130
18x24 frame $195

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the rights to use any of my images.

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Bill Hart


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